Saturday, June 30, 2012

Star Blogs ~ June 30 2012

I like this name, it may stick.  (Kandi) STAR BLOGS get it?! LOL Anyways....

Nail Blog - Ivana Thinks Pink - Ivana is from Slovenia and she has beautiful nails! I always love reading blogs from all over the world as through reading you learn about the culture, lifestyle etc and see what is available for beauty/craft stuff in different parts of the world, then you drool over such goodiness and dream of how you are going to obtain it ;) Ivana swatches some beautiful polishes and takes awesome pictures to really showcase the polishes true beauty.  She does nail stamping as well very tastefully.

Nail Blog - The TraceFace Philes - I don't think I need to tell you how awesome this blog is, if you are into nails, then you have read this blog.  Every post is captivating and as I read through the archives to catch up to the most recent post, every time I go for a break I say one more........Two things she has just brought to my attention;
  1. There are lint free wipes for removing polish!!!
  2. There is a Butter London Polish I have to get for the name (its pretty too) The Name is Rosie Lee.  Why is that so special?  My middle names are Rose Lee. Not the same but close enough!!!!  Where do you get a Butter London polish in Northern Alberta without a credit card? And is this one rare? Lemming!!  This amazing blog has put a smile on my face today <3

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