Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kandistar's Blog about Blogs #1

So my creativinty for naming my blog posts is running dry.  I still haven't thought of a fantabulous name for my blog posts featuring blogs I am loving.  Maybe I like this name maybe I don't. It's the best one I thought of yet so it will stay for now.  Not so sure of the layout/scheme I am going to do but this might be easy to navigate for those that want to check out blogs of a certain genre.  Let me know what you think!  All the blogs I am featuring I am reading through thier archives from old to new so depending how far I have read into thier blog will determine the length of my review.  I do guarentee that all the blogs though are so worth your time!!!

Nail Blog!
365 Days Of Color.  My new found love is nail art and 365 Days of Color is full of inspiration.  Nail art, nail stamping and glitter!!!!!!!!

Nail Blog! -
 A Day In The Life Of Dollface.  Super interesting awesome blog!  Dolly features a polish of the week, video slideshow tutorials for gorgeous manis, she frankens her own polishes you can buy, and she has a sense of humor =)

Cross Stitching! - 
A Fairy Princess Dreams and StitchesAlthough I haven't mentioned it on my blog I love cross stitiching.  I haven't had  time to do it in a long while but I still love reading cross stiching blogs and I drool over the gorgeous fabrics and threads. Juls has amazing taste in pattern/fabric/thread and is an amazing gifted stitcher!!!

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  1. Thank you so very much..... I feel like I just stitch and it is so special to be written and thought of so kindly