Thursday, March 29, 2012

My past nail-do's

Did these for a wedding I photographed had someone take the picture for me.  I can't remember the nail polish I used but I do know that the stickers came from the dollar store and I cut them into strips and put them on my nails.

These were done with the Sally Hansen nail strip's it was my first time using these and I was so fascinated by them!  That is the Bat rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland you see in the background.

Ugh this is a mess.  Don't know what I used or what I was thinking....

I scanned my hand for this one....

These were nails I did for Christmas I took the picture in the car with my phone.  Yes I am a photographer and I can take better pictures I was going to get acrylics put on and wanted to get a pic of these before they were gone.  I don't know the nail polish but again the sticker was from the dollar store.

When I got my Bundle Monster stamping plates I had the idea to do this only realizing after that I had a matching shirt and that is probably subconsciously where I got the inspiration

I did these ones for he Santa Claus Parade and I painted the "tips" of my nails to make them appear longer and just put a sticker from the dollar store on them.
I will start documenting and listing what I use on my nails in all future posts.  Right now my nails are bare so there will be another post soon!

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