Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I have been sitting here thinking trying to figure out why I am not "getting with the program" and I have come to a few realizations...

  1.  I need to find my purpose..not necessarily for life but just for right now!
  2. I need to be me and stop comparing myself to other people I am good enough to just be who I am and instead of being jealous of someone else's life be thankful for my own life and create it the way I want to!
  3.  I have to get to know myself before I can get my head on straight again which #1 & #2 become important for this...
  4. I need to be honest with myself and not always wonder/worry what other people think!

I thought that maybe I should scrap this blog and start a new one because I haven't been consistent with this one and make the new one super great and wonderful but then I thought wait a second I can't throw myself away and get a new Candace so why should I be able to do that to my blog? I then decided that I was going to keep this blog right beside me and it will transform and grow just as I need to do. 

It doesn't matter if anyone ever reads anything I write here (although it is nice to meet people and I would love to have people reading and enjoying my blog)  I am going to have this blog as my companion, use this blog for the reason it was intended, to document my life and everything in it.

1 comment:

  1. I am reading your blog. I understand how you are feeling. I am the same way. Start something and change my mind. I have alot of different projects going on at one time. It sucks because I mean well but I get distracted easily. You have to realize that you are a great person and that it is a one day at time thing. It didn't all happen at once so you can't fix it all at once. I also wanted to let you know that I am here to support and help you...One day at a time together....