Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unsatisfied production...

So I start this post untitled, I don't know where I am going with it yet, I just thought I would start typing and see where it takes me. Lately I have been working more on my art journal which I intend to post pictures of really soon, my card making is coming up unsatisfactory, I have a card ready to be posted for a challenge, I think I just don't know if I am satisfied with it yet.

I am curious to know something, How do you do a random act of kindness and keep it a surprise if you don't have the persons address? This boggles me and please let me know! I received my first blog candy win in the mail on Monday from Lisa and I was so happy, I have never ever received a package in the mail that required a signature before in my life it was the coolest thing, I almost could have cried, it was pretty emotional, and all the goodies were beautiful especially the handmade items which I hope to take a picture of and post with her permission of course. I would have already posted pics of this and of my journalling but my printer is beside my bed ( I put the memory card in there to upload the pictures) and near the ground underneath this cabinet thing and i get dizzy when i bend down like that (stupid med side effects) so I have to wait for my hubby to do it. In one month we are moving into a townhouse with my parents, which I am really excited for. See my trailer is up for sale right now and it is small so my only workspace is my bed because most of the furniture is in the shed to make the living space look bigger. all of my craft stuff is underneath the bed, which hubby has to get as well for me. It is supper annoying! When we move into my parents , my mom and I are going to have our own craft room, see they are moving into this new house the same time we are so my mom is just as excited as I am!

I would really like it if I could have some feedback on my blog, things I could change, and stuff like that. I am honored i have so many followers and i have met some wonderful people but I want you to come back frequently and visit so if there is anything that i can do, just let me know, you live and learn right?

Have a good night/ morning wherever in the world you might be, I sure wish i was someplace sunny, like where my faithful follower and friend
Tertia is! Winter in Canada stinks, it hasn't been bad this year really but I hate the cold, and snow and you would think after 26 years I'd be used to it! If I had the money I would be on a plane somewhere with no snow, wearing sandals and summer dresses, instead of winter coats and snow boots. Well all I can do is go to sleep and dream about it, It's warm under my blankets, so If I shut my eyes I can go to that warmer place...ahhh..zzzzz...nite nite


  1. Morning Hun guess you are sound asleep as i write, hope do good quality sleep is good for you.
    Right practical things first, you want to get someone's address to surprise them? Lovely idea. Do they blog? guessing yes do they have followers who you know or who also follow you? One or more of their followers may know, or someone they follow, who would be willing to help you. In the UK just about all of us bloggers are also members of different craft forums or chat rooms. If your friend is a member of one of these try to join it usually a simple process and ask their friends on there someone is bound to know their address. If someone is unwilling to give the address perhaps you could send the item to them togather with the postage to send it on. Might take slightly longer but would keep the surprise :)

    A chat room or forum would be a great place for you to meet fellow crafters and often depression suffers both your mother and you would be made welcome on any of the forums I know and give you a wider circle? I'm a member of and also both are based in the UK but on Tanda we have Donna from Texas and Dr. Babs (Janet) from New Zealand you would be most welcome at both of these.

    As you say we live and learn keep learning its the only way to grow :)

    Right i have to go to work in a bit, take care stay warm and most importantly HAVE FUN

  2. I am happy that you recieved the package & hope that you will enjoy them once you are moved into your new craft room! I look forward to seing what you create. Stay warm & keep smiling! Hugs.......Lisa