Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mojo monday Week 121

Whew this month is going by fast. I have a doctor's appointment in an hour so I am hoping he is going to work miracles and give me the right prescription this time. I really appreciate the support you have been giving me, and the stories you have shared on my comments to let me know and to reassure me that I am not alone with this. I wish that Anxiety and Depression disorders didn't exist but they do and all I can do is learn from my struggles and experiences and come out of this a stronger person. When I am better I plan to make a difference in some way, I want to raise the awareness of mental health and hopefully create or find a way to create more support that works better then the resources that are provided now. We have the Canadian Mental Health Association but I find they are a joke, I have nothing but bad experiences with them, others may have found it helpful but as for me i think it has caused more problems each time making me feel more helpless because of all places you would think that would be the one place that would help right? Not a chance. if I want good help I have to play for it. Ontario has free health care but having a good doctor for mental health costs money. I guess I cant complain because most places don't have the advantage of free health care but I can not afford the extra money it would cost to get the proper help I need.

Anyways i made this card a couple of days ago for the Mojo Monday challenge, I just haven't had the energy to post it Its for Mojo Monday Week 121. I really love their challenges and i tend to do them more frequently then others. I find sometimes i am limited to challenges because I am limited in supplies. I found this free 3d decoupage bear and flower from
beautiful stuff over on that site!


  1. Lovely card, hope u were well looked after xx

  2. This is an adorable card Candace! So glad you are still helps to keep your mind and hands busy, you also do such a nice job and that has to make you feel good.
    Hugz to you

  3. Nice card, Candace! Hope your doctor could help you, I know it's hard.
    Take care, Anja

  4. I have had you on my mind the whole weekend. Are you OK? Why are you so quiet. What did the dr. say? I know, 20 questions, not good, but I am worried. I have been praying for you dear friend. Hope you are doing well. What is you private mail addie. Mail me at tertiaj at telkomsa dot net. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Candace! Thank you for stopping by :). Really cute cards!

    About the blog candy, it's not on my blog it's on this one:

    So please follow Jodi's blog and make some corrections in your post :) so you can stand a chance to win the wonderful prize. Best of luck!

    P.S. If you need any help, buzz me sometimes :) (acdsyst at yahoo dot fr)

  6. really cute card Candace!! love the colors