Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Ultimate Stamping Challenge-BM01

Right now I am working on a plan.  I intend to have a special theme every day of the week. I want it to be awesome and I have most of the ideas set in stone I just need to finalize things.  I will be doing a launch post with a list showing the topic of the day.  I will be incorporating past ideas into this new venture to insure that each of my ideas will be featured once a week. I will have other posts as well thrown in the mix but I will be consistent with the themed days. 


 I will be having a giveaway when I reach 250 followers. I am about to launch my own indie polish.  
When I reach 250 I will be doing a draw in which the winner gets to create a polish that I will make and send them.  That polish will be named whatever the winner wishes and the formula and name will be carried on when I start selling polishes. It will also be one of my launch polishes!
 I have received amazing feedback on the polishes I have created so far, I hope that is a sign you all will love my creations!!!


Onto my NOTD and a sneak peek into a new feature that will be on my blog. I will warn you though, we just moved into a new place...again and my camera is on the top shelf of the closet and being 5ft2in I cannot reach it so unfortunately these are cell phone pictures.  

I posted this on the Facebook Group -Adventures in Stamping and thought I would share a new feature to my blog on what better MY BLOG! (Caffeine..it makes things so much more exciting)

"So I have set myself a challenge. I seem to be lacking in creativity so I have made a commitment I have to stick to, and I will have to think outside of the box. I intend to go in order of all my stamping plates that I have organized in my binder and use every single image on every single plate from the front of the book to the back.  If I land on a Christmas image in March well then I just have to find a way to make it work!. I can incorporate other plates designs elements etc, and still participate in challenges but I will do this and I will be blogging about it. The good the bad and the ugly. I am excited to start!"
How I achieved this look (Supplies listed below)
  • Base Coat OPI Nail Envy
  • 2 coats of City Color Masquerade (Thanks Amanda for this beautiful purple Polish!)
  • 2 coats of Klean Color Chunky Holo Purple
  • Stamped Both images from BM01 (2 images in one! images used are circled below) 
  • Stamped with Essie No Place like Chrome
  • Added silver stars on the thumbs
  • Applied Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (better then SV IMHO)

Supplies Used


  1. that stamping challenge sounds very cool!! i would love to do that when i finish the 31 day challenge D

  2. Love these! I'd really like to do something similar and try all of my stamps - right now I'm working through a mountain of untried polishes!