Monday, November 7, 2011

More of my 30 Songs....

Both of the songs in this post remind me of someone special who passed away last May.  He was an amazing man that I dated for a lengthy amount of time but it just didn't work out but he will always be in my heart.

a song that makes you sad-Only Time Enya- On the day of his Celebration of Life, there was a slideshow with pictures of his life and this song was the music for the slideshow.  Now every time I hear it I think of him.

A song that reminds you of someone-It's been Awhile Staind- This was his favourite song and he sang it all the time at Karaoke, everytime I hear this song I get a little choked up.

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  1. Hi Kandi,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hello! Hope everything is going great!