Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New beginnings

No one is probably reading this, which is what I would expect because I haven't posted in six months, but I have come to a conclusion that there is always a second chance and I have been lying to myself about who I am for a long time. I am going to be more involved, discover who I am, hopefully gain back my blogger friends and make some new ones and be creative everyday, I hope. I don't want this blog to be strictly for cards, or even crafts. I want to document my life, amazing discoveries about myself and the world and live to the fullest using this blog to meet people and reintroduce me to myself. If anyone is out there reading, hope you'll come along for the ride and thanks for being there!!!

Today I like...

Glee!! I am watching season 2 right now and I am a total Gleek!!! i wish there was something around where I live that is like glee for age 20 and 30 somethings because I would be all over that in a second!!! If you are like me and discover shows and music on your own and not when the first episode premieres and don't want to be up to date with the now ignore that reasoning for this show. They are a talented bunch of people and there are some very interesting and important issues dealt with in the show that show awareness for almost everything a teenager or young adult can experience. I never react to television or movies no laughter no tears just a straight face, people think I am weird cause I NEVER react...ever. This is the first show in my life that has brought out any reaction at all, this says a lot!!!

Listening to...
Zac Brown Band - Free

Today I watched Glee, read and organized blogs and of course wrote on mine and set some goals for myself..I feel inspired!

This post was supposed to be published last night June 21, but I fell asleep!!! Another post to come today...hopefully!

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  1. Glad to see you are back ... you see there is someone out there x
    take care