Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning Coffee

Slept in today, must have needed it, I am a night owl and cannot functional all in the morning until my hubby comes home from work and brings me home a Tim Horton's coffee. Any one who lives in Canada or has been to Canada knows that this coffee is something that you just cannot live without. Almost everyone I know rely on a coffee from there as part of their daily life.

Started of the day uploading pictures to my photography blog as my online portfolio, need to get really serious about making this photography dream a reality but there is much work to do!
Of course I had to get in a couple of episodes of Glee to start off the day, don't know what I am goin to do when I am up to date on all the episode, need to find another similar show or better, any suggestions?

Need to get something creative done today, not saying i will its just a goal I have set for myself, hopefully in tonight's post I will have some eye candy to blog about!!

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