Thursday, November 19, 2009

I cant wait to get over, to my parents to load some pictures onto thier computer so i can post some of my creations on my blog! I wish I still had the cord for my camera but i can't find it since we moved and I cant find another that will fit the camera. Who knows, maybe Santa will bring me another camera for Christmas, this one I am using now has a broken screen anyways. No one has come to visit yet but I am trying to meet people by commenting on thier blogs, and who knows, maybe they will come visit me. ( If you do, I'd like to know how to post in my sidebar, thanks!) i have linked some more blog candy for anyone to go check out, thats if I get any visitors ;)

Hopefully tomorrow I will beable to get out of the house because the Santa Claus Parade where I live is tomorrow. See its not that easy for me to do this because of my anxiety disorder, its really hard to deal with right now and at the moment I only feel safe in my house. Hopefully the medication I am on will get me functioning so I can live normally, problem is many of my loved ones don't understand what I am dealing with right now. Only time will make things better, only time.

Just thought I would share a picture I took doing one of my hobbies, when I am feeling up to going out, this is plane watching. Yes it is an unusual hobby but it really is fun to do, they are so close and so loud and I love taking pictures of them.

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