Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri) Wirlwind White

This is the 2nd time writing this post, the first one I tried uploading from my phone and it still says it is publishing and it won't let me click on the post or anything. I restarted my phone, closed the app refreshed the page and I checked on my Computer...nothing.

Anyways this might be a shorter post then the original but hopefully it is better...who will ever know...things like this DRIVE ME CRAZY!

I've decided to go through my polishes to inventory them for a few reasons:

1. To know what polishes I own
2. To sell polishes I don't care for
3. To make life easier for future reference. (how they apply, how they stamp etc.)

Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri) Whirlwind White is an amazing polish for stamping as most nail stampers will know.  You have to be quick though, the name speaks for dries fast.

The polish is very opaque and would be the perfect white base if it wasn't an absolute pain to get off of my cuticles. I tried everything and though the nail looked awesome, the frame was a HOT MESS! If anyone has tips for this polish, I would LOVE to know. 

I am keeping this polish because it is the BEST stamping white thus far.

~ This is my polish and I made the decision to review it


  1. Have you tried painting white glue around your cuticles before painting them? You can just pull it off when you're done and all the cuticle mess goes with it! I use this method when I'm stamping with black.

    1. I tried Petroleum Jelly and that didn't work but I will have to give white glue a try! thank you!! <3

  2. This is also my to go white for stamping. It's fabulous!