Monday, March 11, 2013

Moving to Civilization!

Well my intentions of my launch have been put on hold for a few weeks but with good reason.

We found out on Friday that we are moving to Edmonton, 5 hours south of where we are now and much more populated.  It is the closest "city" to us and it is pretty exciting as there is so much more to do there and more places to buy polish!

Oh and I cannot forget a little mall called the West Edmonton Mall...have you heard of it? Only a few blocks from where we will be living!

We move in 2 weeks so we don't have very much time to pack and tie up loose ends up here in Grande Prairie (aka the northern most populated place in Canada, meaning there is no city larger then this to the north of us in Canada)

I have to bubble wrap all my nail polish and that in itself will be a huge task but I don't want very many casualties, hopefully not any (crosses fingers)

Remember I will be having two giveaways at launch time one for followers before the giveaway and ones that are probably just coming here for the giveaway so share with your friends as there might be an added bonus for people that share my blog with their friends  ;)

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